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NEXA appeals to the industry experts and the customers alike. Here is what they have to say about NEXA cars.

Jul 3, 2018
  • Baleno Unique liquid flow design

    Jul 3, 2018

    Flaunting Baleno is a matter of pride even for an Auto enthusiast like Bert D'souza. check out what he has to say about Baleno to his friend.

  • Baleno Best-in-class Cabin Space

    Jul 3, 2018

    Baleno has a lot to impress. See what happens when Bert D'souza introduces his friend to the spacious and comfy interiors of Baleno.

  •  Advanced Automatic Transmission (CVT)

    Get a glimpse of how to beat stress when it comes to driving in city traffic from the auto enthusiast.

  •  SmartPlay Infotainment System

    Jul 3, 2018

    Find out the advantages of SmartPlay Infotainment System and Multi-Information Display that can leave anyone envious.

  • NEXA Safety Shield

    Jul 3, 2018

    Safety always comes first when you are driving on the road. Checkout the safety features in Baleno.

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