This bold anthem is an ode to the
fearless women of today.

A woman who isn't shy about the power that lies within her. Carrying some groovy beats and rousing lyrics, this powerful electro-pop song is a celebration of womanhood.

Put together by the prolific A. R. Rahman, Clinton Cerejo and the talented Bianca Gomes, the song comes alive with Anushka's stellar vocals.

Behind the SCENES

Behind every NEXA Music Song is an idea that strikes a chord with its audience.

Take a sneak peek at the making of ‘Queen Of My Castle’ as Anushka Manchanda outlines the thought, breaks down the process and introduces us to the crew.

NEXA Music is on the hunt for fresh talent.

Watch as Anushka Manchanda shares the thrill of collaborating with new musicians and underscores the importance of standing out to blend in with the world of NEXA.