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Jul 3, 2018
  • NEXA Journeys on AH1 Girish’s ‘joyride’ with the S-Cross

    Jul 3, 2018

    When it comes to cars, Girish is a complete pro! And he loves not only the practicality of the S-Cross, but also its stunning looks! Take a look.

  • NEXA Journeys On AH1 | Chef Saransh Discovers Features Of The S-Cross

    Jul 3, 2018

    The endless space that the S-Cross offers completely blew Chef Saransh’s mind away! Watch him in action only on Nexa Journeys.

  • NEXA Journeys on AH1 | Of Highways and High Waters!

    Jul 3, 2018

    Watch the journeyers have the time of their lives, rafting in the river and having an exhilarating experience only on Nexa Journeys.

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