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The Sound of NEXA Blue

Jul 3, 2018

Have you heard the sound of NEXA Blue? We have!

At NEXA, we strive to innovate constantly and do the new. It's in this process of revitalization that we discovered the color of our innovation; NEXA Blue.

We didn't just stop at the color. We wanted to take this color and create something new, something unprecedented. So, we took a visual medium of this color and translated it to an auditory medium. Thus, the Sound of NEXA Blue was born.

We took musicians who have the innate ability to translate sounds to colors and vice versa. Then, we brought three musicians from around the world under one roof to help us bring the Sound of NEXA Blue alive.

Each one of these musicians had their own story to tell. These are their stories -


Jul 02, 2018


He was so consumed by his fascination for Synesthesia that he even dedicated a thesis paper to the subject in addition to writing a children's book.


Jul 02, 2018


For the longest time, she didn't know she was special. Here's how she found out.


Jul 02, 2018


She sees music in the form of brushstrokes in her head. She's an artist not just musically but also visually.

We presented NEXA Blue to these musicians and asked them to give notes that they 'heard' after seeing the color. Then, we approached a composer who helped us create a symphony using only these particular notes. In a never-before-done collaboration, NEXA, musicians and a special color came together to create the Sound of NEXA Blue.

They created something so wonderful that it seemed like magic.

Sound of NEXA Blue – Case Study

Sound of NEXA Blue – Music Video

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