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The NEXA Ciaz: Urban Feat

Jul 3, 2018

Every journey that we take propels us towards the path of new thinking. At NEXA, we constantly aspire to create journeys that become inspiring experiences for the world. Created and perfected for inspiration, the New Ciaz is a fine testament of this philosophy, and it takes only one drive to realize that it is an experience that’s beyond ordinary. 

For the New Ciaz 2018 launch in Bengaluru, we crafted a novel experience for India’s top auto journalists where they created to inspire, all with the help of a bit of paint and a unique canvas – white sneakers. We chose shoes as the canvas because just like an automobile, shoes are symbolic of any journey that we set out on. They are like cars for our feet, making them the perfect medium to bring the New Ciaz experience alive.

To helm this exclusive project, we brought in shoe illustrator, Mana Santhanam. The auto journalists were taken on a journey in the New Ciaz through various cultural hotspots of the Bengaluru city. Thereafter, with the help of some paint and Mana, they created their own personalised footwear by mapping their journey on to several pairs of white slip-on sneakers. Watch the video for a glimpse of this inspiring feat.

Come back for more on the New Ciaz and our other endeavors, as we Create to Inspire.

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