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4 ways the S-Cross can inspire new experiences

Jul 3, 2018

Personalize your IGNIS and be as different as you can be

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Restless and inquisitive, we are ever changing, ever evolving. We want to witness extraordinary new things and leave a unique legacy behind. That’s why NEXA bred a soft-roader that facilitates the creation of new experiences. The S-Cross inspires the urban nomad to perceive the routine in a new light. Here’s how:

1. S-Cross inspires with its robust and energetic design

Its elevated hood with astunning vertical chrome tipped grille inspires a sense of fluidity, enabling its driver to arrive in style. Add to that the captivating LED DRLs and machined alloy wheels that gleam in the anticipation of a journey in the offing.

2. S-Cross inspires with its state-of-the-art technology upgrades

Innovation is at the core of S-Cross, starting at its Smart Hybrid Technology powered engine. This engine knows the importance of conserving energy when idling or braking and repurposing it for when you need it the most. The improved SmartPlay Infotainmnent System is capable of playing your favourite music on the one hand and keeping you connected with the world, on the other. This smart experience is further amplified by Cruise Control, encouraging you to take trips to locales unexplored.

3. S-Cross inspires with its premium interiors

The convergence of comfort and style amounts to luxury; heightening the senses, relaxing the body and mind, inspiring new ideas. The shine of the satin chrome plating and the luxurious feel of the soft-touch dashboard take the elite charm of S-Cross to the next level.

4. S-Cross inspires with its advanced safety features

When you know you’re protected, embracing the unfamiliar becomes easy and taking on inspiring journeys, easier. Surprise trips to unfamiliar terrains are welcome because you trust the S-Cross to deliver a stable drive backed by a robust TECT platform, advanced ABS and airbags.

Test drive the S-Cross to experience its uber sophistication.

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